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IK Sävehof B10 2

Registration number: 1263
Registrator: Anders Eliasson Log in
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Secondary shirt color: Black
Leader: Fredrik Lindholm
Gold medal! Won the entire Playoff C! Congratulations!
In addition to the three Sävehof teams, 29 other teams played in Boys 10. They were divided into 5 different groups, whereof IK Sävehof 2 could be found in Group 5 together with LUGI HF 1, H43 Lund 1, FIF, Eslövs HF 2, IFK Kristianstad 2 and OV Helsingborg.

IK Sävehof 2 made it to Playoff C after reaching 6:th place in Group 5. Once in the playoff they won every match inluding the Final against Eslövs HF 2, which they won with 9-7. Thereby IK Sävehof 2 won the entire Playoff C in Boys 10 during Lundaspelen Handball 2016.

IK Sävehof also participated in Boys 9 during Lundaspelen Handball 2015. They reached the final in Playoff C, but lost it against IK Sund with 4-9 and ended up in second place.

10 games played


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